I'm Jomaree Lawsin, an aspiring self-taught web developer (front-end) who enjoys building experiences inside the fraction of space — the internet.

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I have studied web development along with a focus on front-end user-interface/experience for almost two years. I am goal-oriented as both an individual and a team player for creating innovative solutions to unsolvable problems. I am passionate about modern web-design, unambiguous code, and thorough documentation. My goal is to obtain a position at a company with an array of talented individuals so that I can professionally grow and also provide my knowledge, enthusiasm, and creative flair.

An epiphany started it all, almost two years ago after reading an article entitled “A Day In The Life of A Web Developer” I have been on this amazing journey ever since. Who would’ve thought web development is what I was doing 18 years ago. I am reminded of my teenage years when I was fiddling with the codebase on popular social platforms like chat rooms on mIRC to cool customized profile pages for friends and myself through Xanga and Tumblr.

When life calls for a break, I like to use running, biking, and weight-lifting as a way of meditation so I can get back on my feet and refresh with new ideas!



  • HTML5
  • JavaScript (ES6)


  • Bootstrap
  • Jekyll
  • jQuery


  • Z shell
  • VSCode
  • Git & Github
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Stack Overflow


  • Adobe Illustration
  • Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Invision
  • Sketch
  • Pencil & Paper


Santa Clara Valley Medical Center


November 2018 — Present

Print Creations

Freelance work

July 2018 — 2018


Delivery Driver

March 2016 — 2018


Returns Clerk

April 2014 — 2016


rock paper scissors game

Rock Paper Scissors

My first JavaScript project on, TheOdinProject. The goal was to make a game with a minimalistic look. Simple yet challenging and that everyone knew and used to play growing up! Play a game against the AI in a best-out-of 5 — good luck!

printing company

Print Creations

A family member approached me with an idea that was tailored to their company's goal. They wanted to change their existing website to look modern due to it looking and feeling plain. It consisted of none-semantic markups, and had little to no CSS.

property listings

Bryant Hill

I wanted to re-create an existing website that focused on different layouts: traditional, flexbox, and grid. Having used the new CSS technologies makes creating web pages a breeze.

resort survey form

Resort Survey Form

One of the first projects that I had ever made. It was for, FreeCodeCamp. The goal was simple, make a survey form that logs the user's personal information and inputs based on their stay.

coffee shop

Southside Coffee

Who doesn't like coffee? A FreeCodeCamp project. I had to come up with a business and create a static site for it. The goal here is an online delivery service. Where you pick your beans, place the order online, and then it ships to your doorstep!

anthony bourdain tribute page

Anthony Bourdain: A Tribute Page

This FreeCodeCamp project is about an individual who has impacted my life the most. The goal was to create a tribute page to honor and showcase what they had accomplished in their career by using semantic HTML and simple CSS.

javascript document page

JavaScript Docs

A simple JavaScript documentation page that gives you an example of a fixed sidebar. When pressed, the keywords will automatically direct you to the exact location of the definitions without having to use the scroll wheel.